How to write address on balikbayan box

Air freight is recommended only if the items are urgently needed. Hopefully, we can say our balikbayan box is airtight and water-proof. In case of disputes or lost boxes, the receipt will be our proof of claim for compensation in case, unfortunately, something goes wrong.

They will also occasionally remind you to avoid certain companies at all costs: Additional insurance coverage may be purchased prior to shipping.

You can check and verify a list of verified cargo forwarders through this link: The most common method is by sea, since it is cheaper and there are no weight limitations. Shipped via Container to Port Custom-Sized Boxes If you want to send large items to the Philippines, like a large flat-screen television or a reclining chair, we can help.

The main reason is that it tears very easily. Some of them would refer their favored ones that delivered their boxes intact at the expected time. I put some goodies inside like Haribo candies for the children and then pack the vase with towels and put it inside a box and seal it tape.

Due to customs regulations and rules.

How To Pack And Send A Balikbayan Box To The Philippines

Balikbayan cargo dealers have their own dimensions for the box because they pack the 20 or foot container the way they like in a certain way.

The box contains anything from canned goods to running shoes. Over the seam of the boxes where the edges connect on top of the Balikbayan Box, we do recommend you apply black or dark tape so that your items can not be seen.

We don't recommned cloth tape or duct tape. Well, I might change my opinion. December 16, Tip: Label your balikbayan box well Write the full name of recipient and ensure the correct delivery address is printed on the sides of the box.

Hopefully, we can say our balikbayan box is airtight and water-proof. Any request from a Filipino recipient that can fit inside a Balikbayan box, as long as it is within the customs guidelines, can be sent this way. If you are sending the box by sea there is no limit to the weight, but if you wish to send it by air you will have to pay the standard fee plus any charges for excess weight.

Exactly 2 months after they collected them from my house in Germany. That is the reason we do not recommend sending high value items. Take extra care for glasses that may break wrap themshampoo or lotion that may spill tape the cap.

Five-year OFWs can avail of personal and household effects exemption of P, Like most Filipinos I needed to find a balikbayan box service to send food, clothes, etc back home to my family.

The following items are prohibited to be included inside your balikbayan boxes. Make sure that the recipient can provide a couple of valid forms of identification, and remind him to let you know once the Balikbayan box has been received or if there are problems or delays so you can follow up with the carrier.

Can I ship tools like for the home and cars. Addresses can be difficult to find back home, so be careful to write the address correctly and clearly on the box and always include a written PH on the box.

How to Send a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines

You must write the complete name, address, and phone number of both the sender and recipient. We do not recommend and highly discourage you from sending tools that are of high value. You can also buy a box from one or any balikbayan box dealer or forwarder and send it through another balikbayan cargo dealer.

I give the collector my Balikbayan Box Form which I have filled out. This has long been a tradition for Filipinos who live outside the Philippines.

They send balikbayan boxes twice a month, they said. This will keep everything in the box from banging together.

How to Ship a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines: LBC International Shipping Service

So what goes in the balikbayan box. Many of these small shipping companies have only been in business for a few years and do not have the infrastructure throughout the Philippines that LBC does. Pack the goods carefully. They are collecting the goods to be send the whole year round, so it is not much expensive when the time comes for sending.

Jul 08,  · Be sure to ask when the next shipping of Balikbayan Boxes to the Philippines from your Balikbayan boxes service company you are sending. The Story Before I went to the Philippines last end of Julymy 2 balikbayan boxes were collected on the first week of janettravellmd.coms: Also Read: Bureau of Customs Information Sheet for Balikbayan Boxes.

Choosing the Method for Cargo Delivery: Sea versus Air. Balikbayan boxes need to arrive safely and without any damages as much as possible.

The valuables contained therein might get damaged, so special care must be considered if you are to choose which between sea cargo and air cargo. 8. Declare ALL the content of your box. Write/Enumerate it on the packing list. 9. If you are sending items with different recipients in (1) box put the names on each item to avoid misunderstandings.

Seal the label (top & bottom) of the box with the proper/strong packing tape. Label your balikbayan box well Write the full name of recipient and ensure the correct delivery address is printed on the sides of the box.

Provide phone number in case local courier partners in the Philippines cannot find it, a number can be called to seek directions. And please do not use a nickname on the Label and then the name on the Balikbayan box is different too.

For example If on the invoice the name is Juliet, don't put Juju on the Box. Or if the name on the invoice is John Balikbayan, please don't write on the box C/O Angel Balut. If just causes confusion. If you are not sure what to write, please ask. Call the balikbayan box company for pickup In most cases companies are happy to send staff to pickup our boxes for free.

Some companies only pick larger ones for free (obviously they make more money with large boxes we .

How to write address on balikbayan box
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How to Send a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines | Synonym