Sebi functions and responsibilities

He said, "The regulatory institution is under duress and under severe attack from powerful corporate interests operating concertedly to undermine SEBI". Company's confidential information is a valuable asset. We expect all of our employees, agents, contractors and consultants to adhere to these rules in carrying out their duties for the Company.

SEBI did away with physical certificates that were prone to postal delays, theft and forgery, apart from making the settlement process slow and cumbersome by passing Depositories Act, The company is, by all counts, a paper company, and its share transactions, managed.

Chartered Secretaries are employed as chairs, chief executives and non-executive directors, as well as executives and company secretaries.

Unnathan Shekhar is the Managing Director of our Company. Whether contribution in kind can be monetized to be shown as CSR expenditure. They are basically intermediaries in the secondary market and are middlemen between the investors and stock exchanges.

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Sale of shares had taken place through Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. He should maintain confidentially in respect of information about his client's transactions.

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The Company's confidential information includes all trade related information, trade secrets, confidential customer's information, strategies, administration and labour connected information etc. He has over thirty five 35 years of experience in the field of finance, commerce, project management and general management.

But he cannot issue the note or make payments through cheques directly, as that has to be done by the main broker. Securities Exchanges which are already de-recognised as on date, shall make an application for exit within two months from the date of this circular. Thus, stock broker acts as a bailee as well as an agent.

A vast majority of securities transactions are handled by stock brokers or dealers who act as agents for principal willing to buy or sell securities.


It does not constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation. One category of intermediaries are stock brokers and sub brokers. SEBI has passed various interim order and confirmatory orders against the operators and its associates upon preliminary enquiry.

Such a shifting of onus is a continuous process in the evaluation of evidence. Conditions for grant of Certificate to Stock-Broker: He shall extend reasonable facility for examining any books, records, documents and computer data which are in his possession.

Whether provisions of CSR are applicable on Section 8 Company, if it fulfills the criteria of section 1 of the Act.

All inquiries or calls from the press and financial analysts should be referred to the Company's Chief Financial Officer or Investor Relations Department. This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics supersedes all other such codes, policies, procedures, instructions, practices, rules or written or verbal representations to the extent they are inconsistent.

The Company, its employees, agents and contractors must cooperate with appropriate government inquiries and investigations. Its seems that the purpose of the amendment is to put a check on the assessee depositing money in his bank account pursuant to the demonetisation from 8th November, In secondary market, brokers and sub brokers play a vital role.

Whether it is mandatory for foreign company to give report on CSR activity. The objectives of SEBI are: No such cogent evidence having been brought on record, and the Assessing Officer merely proceeded to arrive at his conclusion basing on mere surmise and suspicion that the purchase transactions are bogus.

Scrimgeour, 2 QB CA. It is also necessary to strictly adhere to all terms and conditions of any contract with central, local, state or other applicable governments. It had asked many of these exchanges to either meet the required criteria or take a graceful exit.

Broker as defined in the Concise Law Dictionary means a middleman or agent who, for a commission on the value of the transmission, negotiates for others the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds, commodities or property of any kind, or who attends to the doing of something for another.

He started his career with our Company as a Chemical Process Engineer and has been associated with our Company for the past 20 years.

No such information may be divulged without the prior consent of the Managing Director. The increased access to internet and the proliferation of electronic communications networks altered the investment world. Any way sufficient amendments have been brought in to put this menance at rest, and hence use of penny stocks to evade taxes may decline drastically.

Thus, it is important both to you and the Company that insider-trading violations do not occur. No employee, agent or contractor shall any time or under any circumstances enter into an agreement or understanding, written or oral, express or implied, with any competitor concerning prices, discounts, other terms or conditions of sale, profits or profit margins, costs, allocation of product or geographic markets, allocation of customers, limitations on production, boycotts of customers or suppliers, or bids or the intent to bid or even discuss or exchange information on these subjects.

It is felt that service on the Board of a direct competitor is not in the interest of the company. Such finding of fact is sought to be disputed in the present appeal.

SEBI: Objective, Role and Functions. January 8, SEBI Functions. SEBI’s Preamble describes in detail the functions and powers of the board. Its Preamble states that SEBI must “protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities market and for matters connected there with or.

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*Give details of implementing agency: 6. In case the company has failed to spend the two per cent of the average net profit of the last three financial years or any part thereof, the company shall provide the reasons for not spending the amount in its Board report. Kamal joined Godrej & Boyce in with a regional responsibility, and was promoted as the General Manager for West in His career and responsibilities grew within the Sales & Marketing domain, both in Indian and the global markets.

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The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the regulator for the securities market in India. It was established in the year and given statutory powers on 30 January through the SEBI Act, Functions and responsibilitiesHeadquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Sebi functions and responsibilities
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