Thank you mam

As I looked through them, I began to notice the callous and even careless attitude displayed by the white detectives captured in the background of the photos with black victims. The boy could hear other roomers laughing and talking in the large house.

How has your integrity or lack of integrity affected the integrity of other people. Luella Bates Washington Jones met. She switched on the light and left the door open.

Ain't you got nobody home to tell you to wash your face. What has happened to the two of them in the past ten years. Then she shut the door. Why did Roger not steal her pocketbook when he was in her apartment and she had gone behind the screen to cook.

Does someone have integrity if they choose to be fair and honest only in certain circumstances. Why does Roger wash his face instead of running away.

To tell the truth.

What Is the Theme of

What does she want wish from him. Luella Bates Washington Jones from her name and from what she says. Some of their doors were open, too, so he knew he and the woman were not alone.

Elements that would be important to mention would include a shared poverty — and a shared history of theft because of that poverty.

Thank You Mam

Jones told Roger to wash his face and when they ate together and them meeting. Being honest, fair, and trustworthy. While we cannot publish the full text, fair use policy allows me to provide a summary and overview of the story. The theme of this story is about children who live in poor neighborhoods, have very little to go home, are neglected and needs someone who cares; similar to the way Hughes was brought up.

Thank You, M'am Summary

He did not trust the woman not to trust him. But she bent down enough to permit him to stoop and pick up her purse. Then, have them draw a diagram of Mrs. Then she reached down, picked the boy up by his shirt front, and shook him until his teeth rattled.

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There was a long pause. The story features two characters; Roger and Mrs. She is physically strong and the boy is small. Thanks for the blue suede shoes picture to emlibrary. In both of those situations Roger is against the world and the world is against him. Jones stopped, jerked him around in front of her, put a half-nelson about his neck, and continued to drag him up the street.

She did not release him. Tell me about someone you trust to be honest or fair. Thank You Ma'am is a short story written by Langston Hughes The story is about an encounter between a young, would-be thief and an older woman who changes his life Hughes includes themes of second.

The author of “Thank You, M’am,” Langston Hughes, is one of several African Americans whose artistic and intellectual talents were recognized during a period in history known as the Harlem Renaissance. In Langston Hughes’s short story, “Thank you, M’am” we see a boy who is transformed by a woman’s act of kindness after he tries to steal her purse.

In the beginning of the story Roger is a thief and a liar. 2, Followers, Following, 90 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tamika (@tam_bam_thank_you_mam). In "Thank You, M'am," a boy learns an important lesson about kind-ness and trust from a surprising source. Before reading, think about an unexpected act of kindness you have done for someone or someone has done for you.

Background "Thank You, M'am," by. In “Thank You, M’am,” readers meet Mrs.

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Luella Bates Washington Jones on the night a boy tries to steal her purse. How this woman reacts to the attempted theft might surprise you. Thank you mam questions Armando Castillo.

Assignment Five: Thank You, M'am Ojenkins. Lesson plan pres CARLOS MARTINEZ. Thank You M'am.

Thank you mam
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